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Interactive hotel information system of a new generation

InfoStar INFO is designed according to hoteliers' requirements and brand standards. The system is installed on the InfoStar server and the IP STB devices. InfoStar INFO is an extremely powerful marketing and advertising tool which turns the TV sets in the guest rooms and the public areas into own hotel media, through which the hoteliers can show their services, promotions, events, and others, in an extremely attractive, new and modern way!

The first InfoStar system was developed and installed in Kempinski Zografski Hotel, Sofia in 2005. Since then, InfoStar system is constantly developing to include in its latest generation, a rich functionality in favor of the hotelier and his guests. It optimizes the performance of the housekeeping and maintenance department, sales and marketing team and provides the guests with access to varied and useful information, current promotions, movies, possibility of sending messages, feedback, etc.

Guest Information

Welcome Message

Welcome your guests with personalized Welcome Message on the TV screen on their first entrance in their hotel room. The Welcome Message is presented in the language according to guest's nationality.

View Bill

This function allows guests to check the actual bill generated during their stay. The View Bill includes details of all ordered products and services which were posted to the guest's room number as: minibar consumption, room service, restaurant orders, Video on Demand and others.

Multilingual Menu

The InfoStar system supports multilingual menu and through the real-time integration with the hotel's Property Management System (PMS), allows startup in the preferred language by guest upon check in.

Message Sending (to guests)

The function allows Front Desk employees to send informational or advertisement messages to room, group of rooms or all hotel rooms.

Message Sending (to Front Desk)

The function allows hotel guests to send messages for housekeeping, maintenance and other services directly to Front Desk.

Express Checkout

Hotel guests can speed up the checkout process by confirming their generated bill and sending an "Express Checkout" request to Front Desk.

Wake-up Call

The system allows guests to send wake-up call requests to Front Desk.

Flight Information

The system provides accurate information about arriving and departing flights from the closest airport to the hotel.


The section provides guests with access to real-time RSS news from popular news sites as BBC, DW, etc.

Weather Forecast

The system presents five days period local and global weather forecast information.

Survey Fulfillment

The system allows hotel guests to fulfill questionnaires directly from the available TV in the guest room.

In-room Marketing and Advertising

Current promotions

The system menu includes specially designed section for advertising of products and services, and provides an opportunity to increase revenue through direct marketing from the hotel TVs.

Information about the offered services

The system allows creation of separate sections (menus and sub-menus) through which you can acquaint your guests with detailed information about available facilities, services offered, current and upcoming events and more.

Tailor-made design and user interface

Each user menu is designed and developed according to the hotelier's requirements and brand standards.

Value -added service

Order/Reservation of products and services

The hotel guests can accomplish reservation and order of products and services (room service, transfers, reservations in the facilities of the hotel, sports, SPA and other services) directly from the TV in their hotel room.

Online Shop

You can turn the TVs in all hotel rooms into online shop, where your guests, comfortably accommodated, can shop souvenirs, unique items, jewelry, wine, artwork and anything else that is offered in your luxury hotel shops.


This option provides access to the World Wide Web directly from the TV.

Hotel Management Optimization

Minibar Consumption Reporting

While checking a room, the employees of the hotel can send realtime report from the TV set to the hotel's Property Management System (PMS) about the consumed minibar items.

Setting a Room status

Upon inspection of a room, an employee can set or change the status of the room ("Dirty", "Clean" and "Inspected"). After indicating a status, the information is automatically updated in the hotel's Property Management System (PMS) and informs the front desk employees (in which room can or can`t be checked in a new guest).

Sending requests

The hotel employees who are in charge of the condition of the rooms can send requests to Maintenance department (or other department) in case of malfunction in the room

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