Hotel reservation software

In order to provide maximum quality and reliability, InfoStar directly communicates with the hotel reservation software on reception. This way all services which are ordered and are accessible through InfoStar are directly recorded in the room bill. By building an interface between the two systems – InfoStar and the hotel PMS, the operation of the hotel personnel is also facilitated.

Movie and music content

InfoStar provides its customers with a regularly updated licensed movie and music content. It is provided thanks to a close partnership with the International and local content providers.

DAISY Multimedia LTD:


24/7 operation of all systems is vital for each hotel. In order to ensure the trouble-free system operation, InfoStar only works with reputable and quality proven equipment!

LinkSys, TP Link, NetGear, MobiGater, Triax, Eurodesign STB, SNOM, EATON.

InfoStar is fully compatible with the following software products:

  • Micros Fidelio
  • Clock BS
  • Unreal Soft
  • Eltur
  • Orak

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