Telephone services and solutions

Thanks to the use of LAN as transport media, we set up a high-quality telephone system in the hotel without making huge investment.

InfoStar TEL uses VOIP in order to minimize the hotel telephone costs to a maximum level.

In the past few years, the quality of VOIP conversations has improved a lot and this fact let us implement this technology in the InfoStar system.

InfoStar TEL provides an opportunity for flexible tariffs and attractive prices for the guests with maximum returns of the invested funds.

InfoStar TEL provides the hotel telephone connection to all known networks – GSM, fixed and alternative operators. Our solution also includes the necessary additional equipment – room, bathroom, administration and reception phones, gateway devices and panic buttons.


The telephone system consists of:

  • IP telephone central
  • Phones for each room
  • Standard hotel phones
  • Reception phones
  • Panic system


  • Drastic reduction of the telephone expenses
  • 100% investment return
  • Additional service with high added value for the hotelier
  • Promotional call offers depending on the guests and groups which you expect

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