Video & Music on demand

InfoStar VOD is a system, providing access to current movie content for a fee. It is installed on the InfoStar server and the IP STB devices.

InfoStar VOD system uses licensed movie content from United International Pictures, UK.

  • Licensed movie content with the latest Hollywood titles (Movie titles – up to 6 months after the official premiere)
  • Movies dubbed in 5 different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Monthly update with new movie titles
  • Different types of pricing option – payment of one movie or package which includes all movie titles
  • "Parental control" by PIN code
  • Automatic genres locking in accordance with the type of reservation (in presence of under-aged)


  • Rich choice of movie and music content
  • Monthly update
  • 100% investment return
  • New additional service with added value for the hotel

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