InfoStar INFOsign

The Digital Signage system for the hospitality industry

InfoStar INFOsign is an advertising management system using the TVs in the hotel rooms and the public areas. It is installed on the InfoStar server and the intelligent IP STB devices. The software management is web based and allows the hotelier to easily create and manage advertising content according to his needs and interests.

INFOsign in guest rooms

InfoStar INFOsign turns the TVs in the guest rooms into advertising media and allows:
  • Displaying banner ads to guests (while watching TV) in predefined time by the hotelier.
  • Displaying RSS messages
  • Transmission of custom Info Channels

INFOsign in public areas

InfoStar INFOsign offers full “digital signage” functionality for the TVs in the public areas of the hotel. By the user-friendly web content management system, the hotelier can create various presentations consisting of pictures and/or movies. The hotelier can also create advertising scenarios, by indicating what can be shown on each screen, in what period, etc. The presentations themselves and operating modes can be selected by the employees of the hotel by the InfoStar remote control and through an intuitive menu that follows the vision of InfoStar INFO user interface. INFOsign is developed to cover all hotelier’s needs for direct advertising – from displaying various services and promotions to events, useful tourist information, advertising during TV and many more.

Advertising in TV mode

Minimizing the TV screen and displaying banner ads in a form and time, selected by the hotelier in advance. The advertising can be dynamic – to appear and disappear or to be static.


RSS Messages in TV mode

This option allows sending notification and/or advertising text messages to certain room, group of rooms or to all guest rooms.

Info TV channels

INFOsign allows you to upload promotional videos through the web management system (InfoStar CMS) which are visualized as an Info TV channel that will become part of the existing TV channel list.

Creating advertising presentations

This function allows you to create presentation materials from images and/or video materials intended for broadcasting on the screens in the public areas. In the process of creation, the hotelier can indicate on which screens the content should be active and determine time schedule of transmission.

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